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Improve Balance and Body Awareness

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When your body stops hurting...
Life feels better.

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Reduce Pain

I have seen clients recovery from carpal tunnel, train for marathons, get rid of headaches, improve their yoga practice and just generally move better. When your body stops hurting life feels better.

Improve Balance

Rolfing has been proven to improve overall balance and body awareness helping you with your yoga skills, improve your squats, hiking on a wooded trail, riding a bike down the street, doing crunches on a stability ball, hitting the slopes or even walking up the stairs with ease.

Increase Injury Recovery

In sessions with me, we will do a combination of Rolfing, Muscle Testing, Cold Laser, Stretching and Body Awareness. Please come in comfortable or athletic clothing

Increase Body Awareness

Improving your body awareness is an excellent goal for anyone who wants to improve sports performance or reduce pain.

Personal Statement 

Michigan Rolfing

My personal mission is simple. I want to get people feeling better. Not just out of pain or able to run or work again but to really feel better. To feel strong. To feel balanced. To feel energized. For me Rolfing is a full body transformation. I want you to live better! Let me tell you how I plan on accomplishing that. Be sure to check out my blog for lots more information on Rolfing and Myself!

Rolf·ingˈ: rôlfiNG/noun

A massage technique aimed at the vertical realignment of the body, and therefore deep enough to release muscular tension at skeletal level. It can contribute to the relief of long-standing tension and neuroses.

What to Expect
Easing pain

A Rolfer typically works with their hands, fists, and forearms to work out deep restrictions in the body and get a person into better alignment.

What to Wear
Be Comfortable!

It’s best to wear clothing that you are comfortable in. Typical attire is a sports bra and underwear or shorts. This allows me to clearly see the entire body and find the areas that need to be worked on. However, shorts and t-shirts or yoga pants are perfectly acceptable too.

I love Shiloh at Michigan Rolfing. I have been seeing her for several years now for various aches and pains from lots of desk sitting. She always does a great job tuning me up. She’s pleasant, professional, and you can tell she really cares about helping her clients. If you have never been Rolfed before I highly suggest you check her out.

Wendy B.

Shiloh helped me regain feeling in my heel when no other medical professional was able to help me. She is very professional and knowledgeable!

Cyn P.

I am a lifelong runner with bummed out knees. It had gotten to the point where I was avoiding running even short distances and in persistant pain. Shiloh assessed my form and worked on me during the course of 4-5 sessions. Following this, I was able to run a full marathon pain free and have remained pain free (with regular tune-ups from Shiloh) for 4+ years. Her holistic focus corrected both the issue and my running form. If you would like to learn more let me know … or better yet see Shiloh. It is an amazing success and I am grateful for her talent and expertise.

Nathan B.

I would recommend Michigan Rolfing to anyone. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and I experience chronic pain. I had been experiencing terrible pain in my shoulder and upper back for two years when my boss told me to try rolfing. I found Michigan Rolfing on the Internet and decided to give it a try. After seeing Shiloh once, my shoulder and upper back pain was gone. I am continuing to go since I do experience pain in other areas, but that was my main focus. I am more than happy with the experience.

Lori C.

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Cost Per Session

$100 per Session

During a session I use my hands, fists, and forearms to apply slow, steady and sometimes deep pressure to release restrictions in your body. The pressure may range from light to intense but we will stay within a level that you are comfortable with and can tolerate. You will be asked about your history (injuries, accidents, surgeries, and any other health issues). Then we will spend a few minutes on an evaluation in which you will be asked to stand, walk, and do a few specific movements. We will also do a series of muscles and balance test with the Cold Laser. All this is to determine where you have restrictions that may be causing limits to your range of motion or even pain.



Located in the Cowan Chiropractic Clinic
6507 Town Center Dr Clarkston, MI 48346

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