Improve Your Alignment, Clear Your Pain, Move Better, and Feel Your BEST!

Rolfing ClarkstonAlright, I know what you’re thinking… Rolfing- what is that? Well, let me assure you that Rolfing is one of the most powerful modalities on the planet to reduce pain, clear stress, balance your musculoskeletal system, and enhance athletic performance.

We can help you increase balance and flexibility, refine muscle coordination and function, improve your athletic performance and get rid of that sore feeling you’ve been fighting with.

A strong active body requires balance between the muscles, nerves, and joints. In just 10 sessions, we can get your body fully aligned, unstuck, and out of pain. And you will feel strong and energized. Movement will be fun and easy again.

Rolfing is a unique therapy because it works with fascia. Fascia is like the body’s support system (sometimes referred to as the organ of posture) because it holds us upright. If the fascia gets stuck it will limit movement and keep muscles and joints from working properly.

Getting your fascia loose and healthy will have tremendous impact on your body’s ability to move and it can greatly decrease your pain. Rolfing works to free up these areas even if they have been stuck for years.

Every single muscle cell and bone and organ in your body has a fascial connection. It is even connected to your skin and nerves. In other words, it is everywhere. When you suffer an injury (whether sports related or stress related) your fascia tightens down and gets stuck. It prevents proper movement to protect an area.

If not properly addresses it will stay stuck and become sore and painful when you try to use that area. It can be easy to stay in this injury holding pattern because it usually will not limit you in simple daily activities. It might not even be noticeable until you try to pick up something a little too heavy and your backs “goes out” or you try to run and your feet hurt.

These areas have been “guarding” for so long without you noticing and they no longer work properly. To get full motion back and get out of pain, you need to address fascial restrictions and help your body out of its guarding phase. It needs to “relearn” that it is not injured.

If you have already downloaded my free e-book, you will be able to find a few areas in your body that are extra tight and tired. These are more than likely areas that the fascia is stuck and causing problems. If you have had a habit of using your body a certain way the muscles shorten in that direction and fascia can become stuck. Even if you start using the muscle right and stretching every day you might not get the fascia to let go and you will always be fighting your body. To get fascia unstuck and you’re your full range of motion back you will need Rolfing.