In my blogs, I want to focus on things you can do to get healthier, stronger movements. I will look at different relationships in the body; how different joints work together or don’t work and why this can lead to pain, stress, and injury. Then I will talk about different patterns of movement and how these lead to health and wellbeing. I will try to give some helpful movement ideas in each post.

First, I feel like I should tell you about me, Rolfing, my goals in working with you, and the ways I look at the body.

Rolfing is one of the most powerful modalities on the planet

Body Mind Spirit BalanceLet me assure you that Rolfing is one of the most powerful modalities on the planet to reduce pain, clear stress, balance your musculoskeletal system, and enhance athletic performance. I first tried Rolfing in my 20’s to recover from reoccurring back pain from snowboarding. Just a few sessions completely freed up my back and the pain went away! I was astounded. How did this crazy sounding therapy solve my pain? I needed to find out; so, I did my research and discovered that the premise of Rolfing made total sense to me.

In school I learned all about different relationships in the body and how they are meant to work together and that when they get out of whack they can cause pain, stress, tension, or injury. The more I work the more this idea becomes tangible. A body that is in alignment and has adaptability, is healthy and strong, while one that is out of alignment is unhealthy and often stressed.

Rolfing and BalanceThese relationships exist everywhere. A nerve pinched in the neck can cause weakness in the hand, a sprained ankle with a limp can cause tension in a hip joint, shoulders that are rolled forward can strain the upper back and pain and headaches. There are often little yet subtle changes you can do to cut back some of this pain and stress.

In my blog, I would like to walk you through these relationships and more. I also want to give you ways to correct poor patterns and get your body moving right and feeling amazing!